Sortie du site Teleshopping

Le nouveau site de Teleshopping vient de sortir.

Ayant intervenu sur ce projet en préconisation d’outil, sachez que ce site fonctionne sous Magento.

Une nouvelle charte graphique, un site qui possède une forte dimension éditoriale autour des produits, c’est un site refait dans son intégralité qui est proposé aux internautes.

Le site Teleshopping devient un site e-commerce à part entière et non uniquement le pendant Web de l’émission de TV.

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Catégorie : e-commerce


Il y a 3 Commentaires

  • Lucas
    septembre 19th, 2014 à 19 h 52 min

    The biggest thaert to these nutters is that the world’s population is becoming politically engaged for probably the first time in many decades. When people start to ask: Why has this mess happened? and the answer is: Because nobody has researched who the hell is doing this to us !, then computers fire up, search engines get pounded with key words like NWO, Elitists, Agenda 21, U.N., Banksters .and on and on .obviously the MSM has all but shut down any true reporting so in essence the internet has filled that void with millions of true stories and for the first time in history real people with real stories are transferring reports instantaneously ..there is a New World coming fast and it ain’t the New World Order ..it’s called humanity!Happy New Year .Adios Greed Merchants!

  • Mari
    mars 7th, 2015 à 3 h 36 min

    Great piece, Claire, both the original and the fololw up on the CAC! Q: Would it be possible to correct the heading on the original piece which ends This final article considers the Contemporary Art Museum Houston (CAMH) alongside the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis (CAM St. Louis) and the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis (CAC New Orleans). Here in Nola it is widely believed that the CAC New Orleans is not in St. Louis. Thanks again for your very helpful and insightful, much appreciated. Eric Bookhardt

  • Agung
    avril 10th, 2015 à 4 h 05 min

    I think the Dallas Contemp percent of bgudet numbers are skewed for 2008-2009. Moving spaces, looking for a new director, etc. meant they weren’t really running a full load of programming (plus the decline in debt suggests that they were taking advantage of the limbo period to cool the engines and pay down debt service). It will be interesting to see how the numbers look after the first year or two under Doroshenko.

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